Peter A. Pinto, MD
Disclosures: Philips Medical Systems, Inc.-Royalty-Philips/In Vivo Inc pays royalties to NIH for a licensing agreement, NIH then pays royalties to Dr. Pinto. NIH and Philips have a CRADA. NIH has intellectual property in the field, including among other patents and patent applications, Patent: “System And Method For Prostate Cancer Detection And Distribution Mapping” US Patent number: 8,447,384 and “System And Method For Computer Aided Cancer Detection Using T2-weighted And High-value Diffusion-weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging” US Patent number: 10,215,830 with inventors/author, Brad Wood and Peter Pinto. NIH and Philips (In Vivo Inc) have a licensing agreement. NIH does not endorse or recommend any commercial products, processes, or services. The views and personal opinions of authors expressed herein do not necessarily state or reflect those of the US Government, nor reflect any official recommendation nor opinion of the NIH nor NCI. - 06/16/2021
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