Frontline Cardiology 2018: Cardiovascular Care in the Community

Frontline Cardiology 2018: Cardiovascular Care in the Community Banner

Date & Location
Saturday, April 21, 2018 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM   College Park Marriott, Hyattsville, MD

Cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgery, Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine

Cardiovascular disease remains  the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the United States. New treatment strategies, medications and device developments in multiple areas of cardiovascular disease intend to afford benefit to the millions of patients who suffer from these conditions.   

Given the rapid progress in cardiovascular medicine, it can be difficult for frontline providers to keep abreast of changes in preventive cardiology, pharmacotherapy, new innovative therapeutic procedures, diagnostic methods and new technologies. There are also many sources of information that people are learning from.  It is important to provide a forum in which practicing healthcare providers are presented with new information in a way that establishes a common knowledge base.

This course aims to shorten the translation from evidence to practice on a wide variety of cardiovascular issues including preventive cardiology, diagnostic methods, new innovative therapies and procedures. This meeting will bring together diverse members of the interdisciplinary practice team, towards creating a common knowledge base so important to effectiveness of the care team in today's practice environment.

After completing this activity, the participant will be able to;
  1. Identify patients at risk for CVD and implement strategies to improve practice in cardiovascular prevention including risk factor modification lipid therapy
  2. Identify alternatives to antiplatelet and anticoagulants in CAD and atrial fibrillation among patients who may benefit from these therapies
  3. Utilize new technologies such as handheld ultrasound devices to evaluate the presence of CVD
  4. Review the latest advances in heart failure treatment strategies
  5. Navigate the identification, evaluation and therapeutic options in PVD
  6. Create awareness of the latest guideline updates in hypertension and syncope
  7. Increase ability to counsel patients for advances in cardiovascular practice such as anticoagulants, lipid lowering therapies and cardiovascular risk lowering medications in CAD
  8. Recognize provider burnout and learn strategies to prevent it


$50 Physician
$25 Resident/Fellow
$25 Advanced Practice Clinician
$25 Nurse
$25 Allied Health Practitioner
$100 Industry